Excercise and Stripper Envy

by The Comeback Girl on August 12, 2011

It’s not just about ti!ts and @ss!

To me every woman trying to release weight or even on a mission to get in touch with her sexy, needs to get on the pole (by way of a pole dancing class). We already know that women are fascinated with strippers. Some of the more sanctimonious among us, claim we despise them, quote bible versus about em’ and maybe even have an anecdotal story about how they wrecked great Aunt Thelma’s marriage back in 1982. But most of us want to secretly be one.  And I honestly feel like it has less to do with pleasing a man and wanting to turn one on and more to do with how liberating pole dancing really is for a woman.

So I went to my first REAL strip club a few weeks ago on a date, for blog research purposes.

Now before yall go in on the Comeback Girl let me explain. I had gone out with this guy a few times. The second time we went out, I brought up strippers and how I had gone to a gentleman’s club in college to see my friend. It was upscale, some tit!s no @ss. He asked if I’d ever go to a real one, and I said yes. Hey I’m curious and I thought it was just conversation. So when the next week came around, we were out at a really cute restaurant and dude said: “Remember how you said you’d go to a strip club,  let’s go”.

So off we went.

And let’s just say it was interesting. Slightly hood. Very much “in your face” kind of pole dancing. I was surprised to see a few couples. Not surprised to see a ton of lesbians. Even less surprised to see a rack of rowdy men making it rain on the “professional dancers”. Now what I don’t think is hot, is to start out on the pole showing everybody your crotchedy goodness, from jump street. What about building up to all that. Sort of like a crescendo.

What I did enjoy though were the pole skills. I’ve always heard you can burn hella calories on the pole. I’ll investigate and report back on just how many. I’ve even heard women dropping 5 pounds in one week, just doing pole dancing. Not only are you getting good cardio, you’re also doing a ton of strength training.

Not to mention getting in touch with your sexua!lity. You know that the Comeback Girl is all about sex!uality right now. I think it’s sort of like the keys to the weight release kingdom. Mostly because, weight gain has some elements of losing touch with one’s own body and becoming out of touch with it. And as more weight comes on, the more disconnected you feel, which in turn plays havoc on your self worth.

Of course, mentioning a pole around any man totally ignites him. He’s all ears, all other stuff too and wanna know if he can build one for you in his house. But to me, it’s not really about a man when it comes to getting your se!xy back. That’s just a plus. It’s what comes added automatically when you are feeling good about yourself and enjoying what your body can do.


Cortisol & Stress: The Comeback Girl’s Downfall of the Past

by The Comeback Girl on August 11, 2011

Many of you may have wondered, where the he!ll is the Comeback Girl. She leaves and she comes back and she leaves again. Well I have more on my plate than ever before. My “little” (pregnant) cousin, who is 19,  has moved in with me, my social life is a little ….well social, work is reDONKulous and there was a part of me that wondered if I could REALLY keep this weight off and move towards my goal of a 6/8. Well I’m in an 8. So the 6’s are around the corner.

Many months ago, I’d lose a little bit and the slightest bit of stress would cause me to gain the weight all over again. It was such a slippery slope. When I tell people that cortisol (the stress hormone) is real, I’m not playing, as I type this I can feel a little weight creap SERIOUSLY. But the difference now is I can arrest it quickly. I know how my body is supposed to feel. And this ain’t it. So I do some slow breathing, some meditation, drink more water and get my a!ss back in the gym.

The beauty I think about releasing weight (even during stressful times) is that one stressor, even a series of stressors and a slice of cake won’t make you fat overnight. It’s the habitual old ways of thinking, believing and eating that gets the weight on and makes it stick.

The gym really is addictive. Being active in a program you enjoy, be it zumba, running, spinning, swimming or just taking a long walk releases the feel good hormone, seritonin. And it puts the stress in perspective. I truly believe movement puts you in connection also with your higher guides, be it God, Mother Earth, Source, whatever you’d like to call him or her.  And so if you looking for an answer: like why the he!ll did I get stuck with a 19 year old pregnant relative who acts like she’s 10, and has no job…you likely will get the answer when you really get moving. (I’ll let you know what I come up with after my workout tonight).

But stress can be a slippery slope. Not only does your body metabolize fat differently in a stressed enviornment, one also has a tendancy to eat badly with food cravings like sugar, processed flour, etc. All the foods that give an INTIAL feeling of comfort and saity, but then drops you down lower from where you started.

I truly believe that it’s possible to endulge when you’re mind is right. You don’t gain the same weight (usually none at all) when you’re enjoying a dessert because it’s your kid’s birthday or you’re on a hot date with your man and just want some chocolate ice cream. Why? I believe it’s because you’re body isn’t fighting the stress response. The body is wired to protect, even during dehydration or any other stress factor. It holds on to weight, water, whatever it needs to, in order to overcome the “emergency” that the body believes its in.

But being stressed is a time to eat clean, get your mind right and return to some sense of calm.


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